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Information Technology Services
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        On behalf of the Scott County School’s Information Technology Services Team, it is my pleasure to share with you our technology accomplishments and upcoming implementations featuring several milestones.  Our team, which consists of 3 district professionals, (1 Chief, 1 Network and 1 Computer Engineer), in direct coordination with each School Technology Coordinator, work diligently to improve district-wide information technology in areas such as academic computing, administrative computing, enterprise systems, networking, policy and planning, security, telecommunications and user support.

Matt Reed, Computer/Electronic Support Engineer
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      Rather than offering a lengthy report, this highlights the significant achievements made in IT strategic planning, leadership and management.   Our technology team goal is to make continuous leaps forward in the information technology environment available to students and faculty at Scott County Public Schools.
The following are only a few of the achievements made possible by an extremely dedicated technology team that are working toward a common vision of “creating a collaborative culture to ensure student learning”.
·         Main Data Technology Center: Installations and maintenance of a Centralized Data Center that connects to each school via point-to-point fiber; threading to 67 District wiring rooms located throughout our school facilities.   These data rooms contain the necessary equipment to connect our educational technology devices. 
·         Computer, Tablet and Projector Devices: Support of 2853 computers, 416 Projectors, 637+ tablet/handheld district devices utilized by students, staff and administration.   Please note that our district has over 1120 personally owned devices connected.
·         Network Switching Devices148 network switches provide 7,422 active ports to connect our district devices. (computers, telephones, printers, projectors, tablets, etc.) 
·         District File and Application Servers with Storage Area Network (SAN):  35 District Network Servers that provide access to files, printers, instructional applications and thin-client technology.
·         Enterprise Wireless: Academic buildings and many campus common areas were equipped with full wireless internet coverage, utilizing more than 236 wireless access points across the district and making our network more accessible to students and staff.  
·         Internet Filtering Appliance and Radius Security:  These devices assist us in filtering content that may be unsuitable for viewing and assisting in our compliance with CIPA “Children’s Internet Protection Act”.  
·         Website Redesign: Our team collaborated with other administrative stake-holders in developing and designing a more user-friendly website that focused on our parents, students and community members. One module included the “On-line Classroom” for teacher’s to use in communication with students – at this time, approximately 351 on-line classrooms are being utilized. Another important aspect of this design was the implementation of the e-Communications module, which allows instant notification to those that choose to subscribe – total e-Communications subscribers now total 2,575.
·         Technology Helpdesk Ticket System: Our team implemented an electronic Helpdesk Ticket System at all schools which has enhanced our customer care. Over the course of the past 5 years, the district team has addressed more than 7645 helpdesk tickets, 1622 in the 2012-2013 school year.   Beginning in February, 2010, the School Technology Coordinators started utilizing this ticket system and have addressed 5835 tickets submitted by their school staff, 1838 in the 2012-2013 school year..
·          Instructional Applications: Our team collaborates with instructional administrators to implement and support instructional applications, such as, but not limited to:  Internet apps, SuccessMaker, Compass Learning, AimsWeb, InfoCentre, RiverDeep, Renaissance Accelerated Reader, FLRT (Fluent Language Reader), SRI, etc.
·         Administrative Applications: Our team collaborates with administrators to implement and support administrative programs, such as, but not limited to,  Infinite Campus Student Information System, Munis Finance System, Horizon Food Service, Video-Insight CCTV Security Software, Formunis Forms, TimeClock System, ChildCare Manager System, EPES Bookkeeping Software, Versatran Bus Routing Software, HVAC Controls (Heating and Air), Lighting Controls, Internet Apps, etc.
·         Voice Over Internet Protocol – (VoIP) and Legacy systems: Approximately 940 telephones (600-VoIP) consist of Nortel/Avaya hardware and a mixture of older legacy hardware. The older equipment is scheduled for replacement as budgets permit and failures require. 
·         CCTV (Security) – Video-Insight hardware encoders and software were selected as part of an initiative to improve our existing security measures to better protect our customers and district assets.   Approximately 600 + cameras are currently installed within the district.
Below are only a few of the initiatives on tap for the immediate future:
·         Media Distribution System – 2012-2013 - Centralized system upgrade to enhance learning resources for both students and staff.
·         Enterprise Remote Control Software – December, 2012 - Software to enhance our abilities in assisting our customers remotely. 
·         Elementary School (New) – December, 2011 – June, 2013 - Technology Infrastructure Design and Implementation. 
In short, the major enhancements and future plans featured highlight the improvements made in the functionality, robustness, and reliability of district-wide information technology and our team’s ability to respond to district requirements. We look forward to contributing further to this district as it continues to grow in enrollment and technology expectations.  

Please click here to view the 2012-2014 Technology Plan for Scott County Schools.




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