Patricia Putty

Welcome to Scott County Schools and welcome to the Family!

Much like a proud parent, I am always anxious to boast about our outstanding school district and our many accomplishments over the past five years.

As Superintendent of the fourteenth largest school district, I proudly brag that we have 8,955 of the best students you will find anywhere! We are extremely proud of our students, from our youngest preschool student to our high school seniors; each is embraced by our dedicated staff. Our vision “to create a collaborative culture to ensure student learning” is far more than words on a page- it is our practice; it is our commitment. Just as a family nurtures, protects, and defends their own, our 1,132 employees do the same.  No matter what the job description, we are all part of a greater purpose- to ensure our students are successful. Each staff member plays a critical role in student achievement. Whether it is a bus driver, custodian, nutrition, instructional assistant, teacher or administrator, we all understand the power of encouraging words, a friendly smile, relationships, and high expectations as a motivating factor for student success.

 As a district, we have much to celebrate.  Over the past five years, we have seen tremendous gains in student achievement as well as in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Though far too numerous to list here, a few of the proud achievements include: top 10% on ACT, an increase in College and Career Ready scores from 34% in 2010 to 70.50% in 2013, an Advanced Placement enrollment of 1129, a district ranking of Proficient for the last two years on the new state accountability model with 2 elementary schools being named Schools of Distinction. We can all praise the many research-based practices we have implemented but never discount the power of a family working together to name and claim each student.

Our district accomplishments are deeply rooted in the quest of ALL our partners to create a collaborative culture to ensure student learning and graduate college and career ready. Imagine the goals we will achieve if each parent and community member were to become part of our collaborative family!  So welcome to Scott County and welcome to the Family!