Principal's Message
Dear Students and Parents,

It is truly an exciting time to be at Anne Mason Elementary. We are celebrating our 11th year as a school.  Whether this is your first year with us or your sixth year with us, we are so excited to have you as part of our family.  As an AME family member you will learn that our theme this year of "You're It, Get Fit" embodies our philosophy of learning for children. 

We believe that children are more than their academic self. We believe that children must learn character, control and accountability. Children should be celebrated for all of their successes, failures, triumphs and trials.  In addition, children need to be physically fit, emotionally fit, academically fit and behaviorally fit.  We will work on each of these areas this year.

At Anne Mason we know that children should be held accountable for their learning and we will expect them to know the following:
  • What are you learning?
  • Why is it important?
  • Is your work good?
  • How do you know your work is good enough?
We will focus on self-awareness and reflection by students and by staff. These four questions are essential for this process. When children can answer these questions, then we know that students understand the concept and the value of what they are being taught. 

In addition, the staff will be expected to know the following:
  • What are students expected to know?
  • Why should they know this content?
  • What do I do when they haven't learned it?
  • What do I do for those who already have mastered it?
When teachers are able to answer these questions, they can provide unique learning opportunities that meet the individual needs of each student.

We hope that our community members will join us by volunteering in our building and being an active part of each child’s learning.   It takes all of us working together to create a generation of learners that understand what it takes to be and act successful.

We are very fortunate at Anne Mason to have the highest quality instructors and staff. Our staff is dedicated to helping every child achieve, every day. Ultimately our staff knows that it takes the active involvement of parents to help children achieve great things. 

We will always welcome and encourage your partnership, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. By working together we will ensure that your child has a very successful year as a valued member of the Anne Mason learning community.
Leah Riney,
Anne Mason Elementary
Every Child, Every Day, Whatever It Takes