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Principal's Message

Brent Allen

Western Family,


It is an honor to serve as principal with such an excellent academic community.  I am thankful for our wonderful parent support, dynamic students, and highly dedicated teachers.  There is no day that I do not realize, and appreciate, what a unique and blessed situation that I am in!


As I continue forward in my role with Western Elementary, I want you to know that I am committed in my core to creating a respectful, collaborative, challenging, positive, and supportive environment for all stakeholders to grow in mind, body, and spirit in order that everyone involved with our educational community will achieve their maximum human potential, learn ceaselessly, and create a world that is better through their life and action.  

I believe Western Mustangs can be world changers and I want to help our institution become a place that nurtures that mindset!


While many are familiar with Western’s foundational principle mantra of “Respectful, Responsible, Ready to Learn”, I want to expand this with a vision of our pursuit.  I believe strongly that true respectful, responsible, and ready minds must lift up their vision and purposefully set their minds on the pursuit of things that are GOOD, TRUE, and BEAUTIFUL.  These ideals, if realized, offer an opportunity for each member of our school to become a better person and also make our county, state, nation, and world a better place.  The ultimate goal of good education should be to strength members of our community so that they can freely think, critically analyze, remain self-controlled, and make our society better through engaged citizenship.


In order to do this, I will work with our teachers daily to establish rigor, relevance, and relationship.  In rigor, our content should challenge and engage each student to their maximum capability daily.  We must challenge each student based on where they are NOW.  We must not talk over them or beneath them.  We strive to challenge them to grow daily.   Through relevance, we seek to prepare students for life and the many decisions within it.  Our pedagogy must actively reflect this through traditional and non-traditional experiences in/out of the classroom setting that bring content to life.  And finally, through relationship, staff must develop positive relationships with students, and one another, that model positive, respectful, collaboration.  We must encourage students to similarly develop and model these positive relationships daily with each person they encounter. 


I know that if we understand, embody, and pursue these principles of excellence, that we will produce students capable of current and future success.  Western is a wonderful place to be!  I am thankful to be here, but like each student that attends daily, we are not yet at our finest hour.  We will get there through hard work, and your willingness to work with us.  I can’t wait to see what we will become!


Very Respectfully,

Brent Allen


Western Elementary School



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