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September 2021

Last Updated: 9/24/2021 3:34 PM

9-17-21 - Natalia Commodore

Mrs. Ulerick and Mrs. Ruber said, "Natalia is always kind to all of her friends and makes sure we know when someone needs something or when someone else deserves recognition. She is a great friend!"



9-23-21 - Hudson Claypool

Hudson, out of Ms. McClintock's class, is always kind to other friends. He helps them when they are in need and is concerned about others above himself. He is a good role model for his peers and always does his best.



9-23-21 - Leydan Gay

Leydan, out of Mrs. Shepherd's room, is always willing to help his classmates, and is always looking out for them, making sure that everyone is treated with fairness. When his class needed to change lunch seats, he made sure that a friend of his had a place to sit and moved from a full table of other friends to a table that had room for both of them. He is a leader in the classroom and always encourages people to do the right thing.


9-23-21 - Micah Sparrow

Micah, who was nominated by Ms. Prater, finished his classwork early and without being asked helped another student with his multiplication problems. He was very patient and encouraging. He even encouraged the other student to volunteer to share one of his answers on the board. He is good about helping his peers when he sees a need and is a great friend to his peers.