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Last Updated: 10/19/2021 4:36 PM

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SPARK is the heart of PHC.  The positive social skills it teaches are used in most programs in the Phoenix Horizon Community (with the exception of night school and modified schedule). SPARK is an acronym for Sources of Strength, P’s, Accountability, Relationships, and Knowledge. While SPARK is crafted to fit the needs of PHC, it was built on the skills taught through the Discovery Program created by Eric Larsen in 1990.    Six essential skills taught through SPARK are Effective Groups, Anger Management, Communication Skills, Assertiveness Training, Problem Solving, and Conflict Resolution. If a student shows mastery of these skills they may receive the Scott County Work Seal which can give them an advantage when entering the workforce in Scott County.


Sources of Strength:

Sources of Strength is student-led and focuses on cultivating a culture of positivity to prevent youth suicide, eliminate bullying, and curb substance abuse.  There are eight areas in our lives where we can find strength: Spirituality, Generosity, Healthy Activities, Mentors, Positive Friends, Family Support, Mental Health, Medical Access.  

                                                                  Sources of Strength      






Phoenix Horizon Community Programs


Middle School and High School Daytime Students:

Purpose: To give students the opportunity for educational enhancement, to deliver highly effective instruction, to supply students with essential skills, and to provide students daily access to use such skills.

Grades seven through twelve can apply for a place in the daytime Phoenix Horizon Community. Students and staff use essential skills as taught through our SPARK Program.  Class sizes are no larger than 15 students with the exception of the high school elective course, Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG).  Phones, electronic devices, and backpacks are taken when students enter the building for the school day and a portion of the student’s day may be spent working on credit recovery. All students receive free breakfast and lunch. A dinner option may also be available for students to take home.


Modified Schedule:

Purpose: To provide students who need four credits or fewer a schedule that fits their work and family needs.  

Typically, a modified schedule is designed for students who are at least 18 years of age and need four or fewer credits to complete their high school diploma. Acceptance of a student who needs more than four credits, but desires a placement in a modified schedule, will be reviewed by a placement committee.

A modified schedule is created and based upon the student’s need, available time with the Night School Coordinator, and available Chromebooks.  Students on a modified schedule are required to work on Edgenuity for a determined amount of time each day based on the student contract.  Students are also required to come to Phoenix Horizon Community at least one time per month for a progress check and review of any upcoming testing requirements. 



Purpose: To give students daily access to mental health care as provided and set by The Ridge.

Scott County Schools and Phoenix Horizon Community have teamed with The Ridge in Lexington to provide students with a way to receive mental health care each day and still remain on the school campus. 

The Ignition Program is for students in grades six through twelve but the middle school and high school Ignition groups are separated the majority of their group time. Mobile assessments are completed prior to a student being admitted in Ignition and The Ridge sets the standards of admittance.

The Ignition Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) runs from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM daily and the Ignition Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) runs from 9 AM-12 PM Monday-Thursday.  Upon arrival, students get breakfast and meet in the PHC gym for the schoolwide Morning Mindfulness Moment.  They then report to the Ignition Room to continue their day with their therapist from The Ridge for group therapy sessions.  After the group time is complete, students typically check in with the Ignition teacher’s assistant before entering their school schedule as set forth by Phoenix Horizon Community. 

Because this is a mental health program, families should be aware that insurance is billed and copays may be expected.



Purpose: To provide students essential skills training, individual counseling, group counseling, and academic assistance due to a major disciplinary infraction that typically includes harm, or threat of harm, to themselves or others. A student may also be placed if enrolling from an alternative setting.  

Students in grades 7-12 can be referred to Scott County Alternative Placement as a result of a major disciplinary infraction.  Spots in this program are limited.  Students work on virtual classes through Phoenix Horizon Community and are separated from all other programs/students at Phoenix Horizon Community.  Students can transition out of Scott County Alternative Placement after reaching twenty successful days or to night school after three unsuccessful days.


Night School:

Purpose: To provide students with severe discipline infractions an opportunity outside of regular school hours.

Night School is two evenings a week, 4 PM-6 PM.  Placement in this program is primarily based on behavior.



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