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Actively Engaged in Learning

Enrollment: 750

About Our School:
The mission of Scott County Middle School is to provide challenging opportunities in a safe, positive environment that will enable individuals to become productive, creative, successful members of society. SCMS is a community school with a rich tradition of academics and athletics. SCMS serves grades six through eight with both suburban and rural students. We believe that it is imperative that staff, parents, and students work together to provide an optimal learning environment. We operate a flexible team schedule to allow for team activities such as guest speakers and extended class time. All team and grade level teachers have common planning to meet with parents. We provide programs to meet the need of the varying academic abilities of our students. As educators we teach students to be respectful citizens, accountable for their actions. We believe that learning is a life long process, which promotes a self-supportive, productive citizen.

How Our School Ensures Educational Equity:
Scott County Middle School creates a working and learning environment that welcomes equity and diversity. Implementing and achieving an equitable and diverse school environment is reliant on commitment and participation of all stakeholders. Collaboratively, these stakeholders can work with SCMS to provide challenging learning opportunities and high achievement for all students. Equity and diversity are reflected in the make up of the SCMS curriculum and programs

Procedures in Place in Our School for Drug and Weapons Detection:
Scott County Middle School has established a positive relationship with local and state law enforcement. SCMS has a school resource officer that is automatically contacted if there is a presence of weapons and/or drugs. All staff members have a photo ID badge. All visitors and volunteers are required to sign in at the front office and once signed in they receive an ID badge. The front office monitors the front doors during school hours to help ensure the safety of all students and staff. SCMS has interior and exterior surveillance cameras throughout the building. All staff members are provided with a detailed Safe School Manual. Students and teachers have reviewed and practiced our safety drills.

How We Use Technology to Teach:
To enhance the learning atmosphere at our school, teachers and students use a variety of technology tools. These include simulation programs, digital photography, visual mapping, Power Point, and tutorial assessment software. Library resources are tracked with an automated library catalog. Infinite Campus Portal is an online resource to check student academic performance.

What We Are Doing to Improve:
The staff at SCMS participates in portfolio mentoring to improve student writing performance. Teachers participate in professional development in order to provide the best learning opportunities for our students. Yearly evaluations are examined to determine areas of strength and growth. Our consolidated plan is evidence that we are continually striving to improve the quality of our students' education.



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