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(RTI) - Response To Intervention

Scott County Response to Intervention

Welcome to Scott County Schools Response To Intervention Program (RTI).  You will find information here that shows how we support our students with RTI.   If you have any questions, please contact Robin Lowe Taylor at



RTI Mission Statement

The purpose of Response to Intervention in Scott County is to provide a systematic and collaborative approach focused on quality instruction through the early identification of learning needs, multi-tiered research-based instruction, on-going progress monitoring, and diagnostic efforts. We will ensure success for all learners in order to meet the individual needs of students and ultimately increase achievement and eliminate learning gaps. 


Click here to take a look at the RTI Website for teachers. 


Click here to download the Scott County RTI Handbook

Click here to find information on the MAP Assessment. 

Click here to find resources organized by RIT score.


Click here to download the Progress Monitoring Excel Spreadsheet Template.